Dafocom Reveals New Website

In very exciting news, Dafocom has finally revealed its new state-of-the-art website. This comes a few weeks after sharing its temporary webpage as well as its new branding.

A huge part of the reason for this change is the focus on turning Dafocom into a solutions provider. Flagship products like the Dafo DV1, Black Ops Media Converter, and Fibre Optic Military Cables all have the ability to work together to form a complete solution, rather than working independently from each other. There is even more room for integrating these products into existing systems, making for flexible solutions that can answer to a variety of situations and configurations.

The website also serves as a reflection of Dafocom’s new values, which include innovation, creativity, security, and simplicity. The goal is to present fresh new solutions in a way that is easily explainable with a big emphasis on what makes them secure.

All said, this is the new hub for Dafocom as it seeks to expand and grow in the future and become a strong force in the defense industry. We look forward to making more updates to the website as well as sharing our involvement in upcoming events, which will be announced soon.

A sneak peak of the first thing users see when they visit Dafocom’s new website.