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Dafocom offers many career opportunities, from on-the-ground, engineering roles, to sales, and to management careers. As a growing company, every one of our staff is a critical piece to the overall solution.

Join a crew of talented and diverse talent that care and support one another. From new to experienced, we are always looking for new personalities to join our rapidly growing team.

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So what do careers look like at Dafocom?

We tend to care about…


We constantly seek to improve our products and processes. Our people are at the forefront of getting new cutting-edge solutions in place ahead of customer need.


We don’t limit ourselves to the status quo: We adapt and shape the world around us. Flexibility is our middle name so buckle up and enjoy the ride!


Protecting data is paramount and results in securing your employee-base. Keeping our customers and employees safe is key to our success.


We turn the complex into concrete and actionable. Solutions must be easily explainable and get to the point. No politics in our offices!
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